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Weekday Bible Teaching Programs

M-F   5:00AM Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)

M-F   6:30AM Just Thinking (Ravi Zacharais)

M-F   5:45AM A Word With You (Ron Hutchcraft)

M-F   6:00AM Through The Bible (J. Vernon McGee)

M-F   6:30AM Haven Today (Charles Morris)

M-F   8:00AM In Touch (Charles Stanley)

M-F   9:00AM Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

M-F  10:30AM Pathway to Victory (Robert Jeffress) 

M-F  11:00AM Alternative (TonyEvans)

M-F  11:30AM Leading the Way (Michael Yousef)

M-F    3:30PM God's Truth for Daily Living (Bruce Goettsche)

M-F    7:00PM Turning Point (David Jeremiah)

M-F    8:30PM Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rogers)

M-F    9:00PM Truth for Life (Alistair Begg)

M-F    9:30PM Grace to You (John MacArthur)

M-F  11:00PM Haven Today (Charles Morris)

M-F  11:30PM In Touch (Charles Stanley)


Weekend Bible Teaching Programs

Sat   6:00AM Turning Point Weekend (David Jeremiah)

Sat   6:30AM Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharais)

Sat  12:00PM Through the Bible Q&A (J. Vernon McGee)

Sat  12:30PM Insight for Living Weekend (Chuck Swindoll)

Sat  3:30PM The Alternative Weekend (Tony Evans)

Sat  6:30PM In Touch (Charles Stanley)

Sun  5:30AM In Touch Weekend (Charles Stanley)

Sun  7:00AM God's Truth for Daily Living (Bruce Goettsche)

Sun  9:00AM Moody Presents 

Sun  9:30AM  Living a Legacy (Crawford Loritts, Jr)

Sun 10:00AM Moody Church Hour (Erwin Lutzer)

Sun  1:00PM The Lutheran Hour 

Sun  5:00PM Let My People Think (Ravi Zacharais)

Sun  5:30PM Grace to You Weekend (John MacArthur)

Sun  6:00PM Moody Presents

Sun  6:30PM Truth for Life (Alistair Begg)

Sun  7:00PM Turning Point Weekend (David Jeremiah)

Sun  7:30PM  Living a Legacy (Crawford Loritts, Jr)

Sun 10:00PM Haven Weekend (Charles Morris)


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