Program Schedule


Monday - Friday

12:00am -The Best of Kurt Goff

5:00am-  Love Worth Finding
5:30am-  Just Thinking
5:45am-  A Word  With You

6:00am- Thru the Bible
6:30am- Haven Today

7:30am - Music
8:00am- In Touch
8:31am - Breakpoint
8:35am - Music
9:00am- Insight for Living
9:30am- Turning Point
10:00am-Morning Music
10:30am- Pathway to Victory
11:00am- The Alternative
11:26am- My Money Life

11:30am- Leading The Way
12:00pm-Equipped - with Chris Brooks

1:00pm-  Family Life Today
1:30pm-  Revive Our Hearts
2:00pm- Chris Fabry Live

3:00pm-  Family Talk
3:30pm - Music From Moody Radio
4:00pm-  In The Market
6:00pm-  Focus on the Family
6:30pm-  Adventures in Odyssey
7:00pm-  Turning Point
7:30pm-  Money Wise
8:00pm-  Music From Moody Radio

8:30pm - Love Worth Finding
9:00pm-  Truth for Life
9:30pm-  Grace To You 
10:00pm-Stories of Great Christians
10:15pm - Evening Music
10:30pm- Unshackled
11:00pm- Haven Today 
11:30pm-  In Touch 



7:30am-  We Kids
8:00am-  Paws and Tales
Sonshine Station
9:00am-  Adventures in Odyssey
9:30am-  Brinkman Adventures

10:00am - Your Story Hour
10:30am-  Parenting Today's Teens
11:00am-  The Best of Moody
12:00pm- Through The Bible Q&A
12:30pm - Insight for Living
1:00pm -  Weekend Magazine
2:00pm -  Money Wise Weekend
2:30pm -  First Person

3:00pm -  Music for Saturday
6:00pm-  Family Life This Week
6:30pm - In Touch Weekend

7:00pm-  Building Relationships
8:00pm-  The Land and the Book
9:00pm-  Saturday Eve. Music



12:00am- Praise and Worship Channel
5:00am-  Voice of the Martyrs
5:30am - In Touch Weekend
6:00am-  Sunday Praise
8:00am - Sunday Worship with Joey Krol
8:30am -
Sunday Praise
9:00am-  Moody Presents

9:30am-   Living a Legacy
10:00am- Moody Church Hour
11:00am-  Music for Sunday 
 1:00pn -  The Lutheran Hour
 1:30pm - Music for Sunday
 5:00pm-  Let My People Think

5:30pm-   Grace to You Weekend
6:00pm-   Moody Presents
6:30pm-  Truth for Life
7:00pm-  Turning Point Weekend
7:30pm-  Living a Legacy

8:00pm-  Unshackled
8:30pm - Moody Radio Theater
9:00pm-  Psalm 95
10:00pm- Faith on Record
11:00pm - Songs in the Night
11:30pm-  Haven Weekend